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What is WCT Buddy Loyalty Program? 

WCT Buddy Loyalty Program (“WCT Buddy”) is a card-less loyalty and rewards program that is operated by WCT Malls E-Shop Sdn Bhd (“WCTMES”) which allows registered members of WCT Buddy (“Members”) to enjoy WCT Buddy membership benefits including but not limited to earning WCT Buddy loyalty and/or reward points (“Point” or “Points”) from transactions by the Members of qualifying goods or services (“Products”) from any retailer, partner or any other person or corporation which has signed up to participate in WCT Buddy (“Merchant”) and the redemption of goods services offers rewards gifts and deals of the Merchant for redemption by Members (collectively, “Rewards”).

How do I register to become a Member? 

You can register to become a Member in any of the following manner:

  1. WCT Buddy mobile application;
  2. Seek assistance from the customer service counter located at our retail malls, namely, Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, gateway@klia2 and SkyPark Terminal (collectively, “WCT Malls”).

Is there any membership fee imposed? 

There is no membership fee imposed. However, WCTMES reserves the right to impose a membership fee (for sign up and/or renewal) at our sole discretion. 

How many WCT Buddy accounts can I have?

Each Member is only entitled to have one (1) WCT Buddy account and Member ID. Members are not allowed to have multiple WCT Buddy accounts. In addition, one (1) email address shall only be allowed for registration of one (1) WCT Buddy account and Member ID. We keep a record of all Members’ email addresses and our system recognises duplication of email address. We shall automatically reject all applications for membership with a duplicate email address.

What is WCT Malls E-Voucher? 

WCT Malls E-Voucher are digital electronic cash vouchers with a minimum denomination of RM10.00 up to such maximum value denomination as may be prescribed by WCT at any time from time to time.

Does WCT Malls E-Voucher have a validity period? 

Yes. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the WCT Malls E-Voucher. 

Can I exchange WCT Malls E-Voucher with cash? 

WCT Malls E-Voucher are strictly not exchangeable for cash.

 Can I gift or transfer WCT Malls E-Voucher to another person (including to another Member)? 

No. However, we may make this option available in the future, subject to our official announcement. 

Can I utilise WCT Malls E-Voucher together with other credit card/loyalty card promotions run by the Merchant? 

This will depend on the Merchant’s own terms and conditions. You are advised to speak directly to the Merchant on this.